Stemless Casters for Steelcase & Welded Stem Chair Bases
Steelcase and some others, build their chairs just the opposite of most chair manufacturers. Instead of attaching the stem to the caster, they decided to attach the stem to the chair and then designed a caster body to fit the stem on the chair. A normal caster has the stem attached to the caster and then the caster assembly is inserted into a hole in the base of the chair. The Steelcase Caster has a hole in the top of the caster and the stem is welded to the chair. The caster is pressed onto the welded stem and locks onto it. There are a few others that require these welded stem casters.

There are many caster manufacturers in the world. There is no standard on how to attach the caster stem to the caster body. Each manufacturer does it differently. Therefore, the body from Caster Company A will not fit the body of Caster Company B. This can present a problem when trying to find a replacement should your caster break. Sometimes when a caster breaks, it will break away from the stem. When this happens, it may appear that the stem of the caster is permanently attached to the chair base. You must look carefully to determine whether it is. If you can turn the stem with pliers, it will come out. If it will not turn, you must look further. The photo on the left below is one of those "gray" areas as to whether the caster is truly a stemless caster or a broken "stem" caster. At first look, it appears to be a stemless caster because it is "welded" to the chair and the stem does not turn. Upon further inspection, you will notice that the stem is attached to a "plate" which is welded to the chair. The caster is actually a standard plate caster which was welded to the chair and therefore the stem was designed by that manufacturer to only fit their body. Notice the shape of the stem. There is an indentation in the stem towards the end. This indentation holds the caster body to that manufacturer's stem. Most manufacturers use the same design but not the same dimensions. Our caster will NOT fit on that stem.

Look at the photo on the far Right. This stem is welded directly to the chair. The stem is straight and when measured, is 3/8" in diameter. The length is within our specifications and is less than 1 5/16" in length. This stem was designed to accept a stemless caster body.

To use our caster, you MUST be positive that the welded stem on your chair is of the correct type and size. This caster will ONLY work with the stems that we have explained here.

The diameter of the stem MUST be 3/8". Nothing smaller will work. The length can not be greater than 1 5/16" maximum.

Look closely at the following photos and compare them with your stem. If you are unsure, measure the stem and send us a photo of your stem along with your measurements. We should be able to determine if this caster will fit your chair base.

Welded Plate Caster
This is a standard type of plate mounted caster that was welded to the bottom of a chair. The only way to fix this is to grind the welds off to remove the caster and then weld another plate type caster to the chair.

Welded Normal Caster Stem
This is the stem from the caster on the left. Notice the indentation at the bottom of the stem. This is how a typical stem is attached to a typical caster. The stemless caster will not work on this stem.

Gray Nylon Caster
This is the correct type of stem for our stemless caster. The stem is 3/8" diameter and less than 1 5/16" long

If your leg looks like the photo on the RIGHT, you can choose from the 2 casters below. If it does not look like the photo on the RIGHT this product will NOT WORK for you. If you have any questions, please call us for assistance.

50mm Stemless Caster
Soft Polyurethane Wheels

50mm Stemless Caster
Nylon Wheels
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