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We feature 3 different pneumatic or pneumatic type casters. We have the traditional industrial Pneumatic Casters with air filled pneumatic wheels. These industrial casters are designed for low speed manually moved applications only. Air filled pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride, shock absorption and quiet operation. Pneumatic casters are suited for moving fragile or delicate cargo where caster overall height is not critical. These casters are the best choice for use outdoors over rough surfaces or on grass. The wide footprint on 8" or larger pneumatic wheels provides better stability on gravel and does not sink into lawns.

Pneumatic wheels with black tires do not mark the floor as long as the wheel is allowed to roll. Changing directions without allowing a swivel caster to turn gradually around, or dragging a black rubber wheel sideways, can mark some floors. Centipede wheels are Non-Marking.

If you consider maintaining the proper air pressure in a pneumatic wheel a maintenance chore, then consider our Flat Free Casters or our "Centipede" wheel. Both are made with Microcellular Polyurethane Foam for a great ride and care free operation!

Our "Centipede" wheel is the best of both. It provides a cushioned ride without air in the tire. It will not go flat and you do not have the maintenance worry of air filled pneumatic wheels. The Centipede wheel is great for use on equipment that may need to traverse different terrains so they can be Outdoor Casters. It works best on generators, compressors, pressure washers, sprayers, snow-blowers, heaters & fans, vacuums, wheel-barrows, fertilizer spreaders, wagons, lawn & garden equipment, etc.

  • For use in non-motorized applications only
  • Case hardened double ball raceways provide extra capacity & durability
  • Zinc plated finish.
  • Top plate & legs made from 1/4” steel.
  • Pneumatic casters have a 2 piece bolt-together hub, inflatable tube in 4-PLY tire construction.
  • Some Pneumatics tires available in both black & non-marking gray
  • Our “Centipede” wheel is made out of Microcellular Polyurethane Foam. It provides a lightweight, cushioned ride without worry, maintenance or a flat tire. The hub assembly is a durable 2 piece nylon construction.

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