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How to measure a Grip Neck Stem.

Measure Grip Neck Stem The only measurement to check on a grip neck stem caster is the diameter of the base and the "head" of the stem. The typical measurement should be 5/16". The typical length of the stem should be between 1 3/8" and 1 1/2". A Grip Neck Stem is ALWAYS INSERTED INTO A SOCKET. The socket can be either plastic or metal. The typical socket used in wood is a metal socket. Plastic sockets are normally inserted into tubular legs. Master Caster and some other companies call this type of stem a "W" Stem.

 How does it work?
This stem is called a Grip "NECK" for a reason. The narrow portion of the stem is called the"NECK" and the "HEAD" is the top of the stem. There is a ledge inside some sockets and when you insert the stem into the socket, you push the stem past the ledge with some force. The socket expands letting the head pass thru but then collapses and thus captures the head, holding it around the NECK. Other sockets work in a similar manner. The HEAD is pushed entirely through the socket and is then captured. ALL Grip Neck Stem sockets work like this. If the socket is securely attached to the furniture, the caster will not fall off.

Your sockets may be broken or worn. You may need to purchase new sockets. If this is the case, remove a socket. Measure the diameter of the hole that the socket goes into. Find a matching "Grip Neck Stem Socket" on our sockets page.

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Measuring Tips & Tricks
These are some Typical Stem measurements. Some people have a hard time using a ruler so here is how the measurements will look. 7/16" & 3/8 are very popular sizes for GRIP RING STEMS. 5/16" is the normal size for a GRIP NECK STEM however a BED CASTER STEM will probably measure 3/8".
Drill Bit
Use drill bits or other known size round devices to measure the size of a hole diameter or the hole depth.
Adjustable Wrench
It is very difficult to measure a round opject. Here is a tip to use an adjustable wrench to create 2 parallel edges the same size as the diameter of the "stem". Measure the width of the parallel edges and that would be the diameter of the "stem".
Open end wrenches are great measuring tools. Try the 5/16" to measure the base of a GRIP NECK STEM and try the 3/8" or 7/16" on a GRIP RING STEM. There should be a "slight" wiggle when using this method.
Sometimes it's easier to measure the hole if you're having a hard time trying to measure the stem diameter. This is also the correct method for measuring the hole for a socket used with a GRIP NECK STEM.
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