100mm Un-Hooded Nylon Caster
Exceptional Quality
Our SUMO SERIES casters are recommended for chairs of larger people or for heavy furniture. If you need a caster with a high capacity, our SUMO SERIES casters are for you! This caster should only be used on carpet because of the hard wheels. Great quality Twin Wheel Un-Hooded caster from Shepherd. Black nylon body with Hard nylon wheels. This caster will work very well on most carpet. Large 4" Wheels will ride high on most carpet.
100mm Black Un-Hooded Nylon Caster with Nylon Wheels
Price and Options
Arrow100mm Un-Hooded
ArrowTwin Wheel - 4" Diameter
Arrow175 lbs Dynamic Capacity per caster
ArrowSolid Nylon Construction
ArrowSolid Nylon Hard Wheels
ArrowSteel Axle
ArrowColor Black
ArrowOver All Height - 4 3/8"
ArrowSwivel Radius - 3 5/8"
Green ArrowGrip Ring Stem - 7/16" x 7/8" Long
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