50mm Stemless Caster with Hard Wheels
For Chairs where the stem is welded to the base.
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Should ONLY be used on Carpet as they may dent or scratch Hard Floors
Great quality. Twin wheel nylon body caster. For use on chairs that were designed to use a Stemless Caster. Black body with Black Hard nylon wheels. This is an excellent caster for light carpet.
50mm Stemless Caster
Pricce and Options
Arrow50mm (2" Diameter) Hooded
ArrowTwin Wheel
Arrow100 lbs Dynamic Capacity per caster
ArrowSolid Nylon Construction
ArrowSolid Nylon Hard Wheels
ArrowSteel Axle
ArrowReplacement Caster style without a stem.
Accepts chairs with welded stem dimensions of 3/8" dia. up to 1-5/16" length.
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