Stainless Steel Leveling Casters - FOOT MASTER ® SGDN Series
Stainless Steel Leveling Swivel Casters are being used on:
  • Carts for Kitchens, Restaurants and Hotels
  • Carts for School Cafeterias
  • Testers, Measuring Instruments and Precision Machines
  • Vending Machine, ATMs and General machines
  • Communication Equipment and Medical Appliances
The SGDN Stainless Series of FOOT MASTER ® Leveling Casters, are a solution to the age old problem of flexible movement combined with the ability of securely setting and braking a caster in a specific location.The leveling foot, once set in place, provides for stable, anti-vibrational placement. These casters can easily move up to 2,200 Lbs over four casters. Greater weight requirements may require the use of more casters.

These are great for equipment or any large machinery that, for the most part, needs to be stationary but must be moved occasionally in a wet environment.

Thumbwheel activation is accessable from the REAR of the caster.

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us.
Overall weight capacity for Leveling Casters is NOT calculated by the Capacity of Each Caster X Number of Casters used. A load capacity is based on weight being evenly distributed. When a leveling pad is lowered to lift the wheel off the ground the weight is then shifted to the other casters. When another pad is lowered, even more weight is transferred to the other side or remaining casters. Foot Master has come up with an overall weight capacity based on the weight being UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED until ALL CASTERS are set at the SAME LEVEL. That is why the Load Rating for 1 Caster is different than the Load Rating for 4 Casters in the Chart below.

Green Arrow Plate Caster: Top Plate is Stainless Steel.
Green Arrow Stem Caster: Top Plate is Stainless Steel.
Green Arrow All have Stainless Steel Frame.
Green Arrow All have High quality ABS resin handle, two side access to level.
Green Arrow All have NBR resin cushion to stand, anti-vibration function.

Available Wheels:
Green ArrowHigh quality nylon - No bearing
Choose Plate Mount or Stem Mount for more information.
GD Plate
SGDN Plate Mount
GD Stem
SGDN Stem Mount
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