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How to measure a Threaded Stem.

How to measure a Threaded Stem We ask that you follow this advise. Threaded stems can be complicated. They could be American threads or Metric threads. This is where everyone gets in trouble. The first thing everyone does is to take a ruler and measure the diameter and they think that is the size of the stem. Well it MIGHT be but it MIGHT NOT be the correct size.

THE SAFEST THING TO DO IS TO TAKE THE CASTER OR GLIDE TO A HARDWARE STORE LIKE HOME DEPOT, LOWES OR A SIMILAR STORE WHERE THEY SELL NUTS AND BOLTS. They usually have a socket board that you can thread your stem into and determine the correct thread type and size. Could be American or metric thread . If they don't have a socket board find a nut that threads on and write down that information. Don't be afraid to ask for help and Do NOT try to measure it yourself unless you have thread gauges or size verified nuts to try on the stem.

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