Easy Clean Removable Wheel Casters with Soft Polyurethane Wheels
The Next Generation of Twin Wheel Casters.
Good for most wood floors with a Janka Rating of 1290 or greater. Works well on Tile and other Hard Floor Surfaces.
You asked for it and NeedCasters.com found it; Casters with Removable Wheels. The Easy Clean Removable Wheel Caster is designed so the Wheels just "POP" out of the caster body for easy cleaning and removal of hair, fur or other debris which can wrap around the axle. Simply turn the chair over, grasp the wheels with your fingers and POP them out of their snap retainer in the body. Once the wheels are out of the body, it is easy to remove anything that has wrapped around the axle and to clean the underside of the body. Once cleaned, simply PRESS the wheel and axle assembly back into the retainer and move on to the next wheel. Your casters will be like new again within minutes. Easy to Clean Casters!

Twin wheel nylon body caster. Black body with Black non-marking Soft Polyurethane tires on a nylon wheel. This is an excellent caster for some hardwood floors and tile. When putting this caster on a chair, we would not like to see more than 225 lbs on a set of 5. Putting more weight than recommended will make the chair more difficult to roll.
Caster with Hard Wheels
Pricce and Options
Arrow50mm (2" Diameter) Hooded
ArrowTwin Wheel
Arrow75 lbs Dynamic Capacity per caster
ArrowSolid Nylon Construction
ArrowSoft Polyurethane Tire
ArrowSteel Axle
ArrowColor Black
ArrowOver All Height - Stem Caster - 2 1/2"
ArrowOver All Height - Plate Caster - 2 5/8"
ArrowSwivel Radius - 2 1/4"
Available Stems & Plate - Click for Photos:

Green ArrowGrip Ring Stem - 7/16" x 7/8" Long
Green ArrowGrip Ring Stem - 7/16" x 1 7/16" Long
Green ArrowGrip Ring Stem - 10mm" x 7/8" Long
Green ArrowGrip Ring Stem - 3/8 x 1" Long
Green ArrowGrip Neck Stem - 5/16 x 1 1/2" Long
Green ArrowFlat Top Plate - 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Square
Green ArrowU-Plate - 3/4" ID with 1/4" Thru Bolt
Green ArrowThreaded Stem - 1/4-20 x 3/4" Long
Green ArrowThreaded Stem - 5/16-18 x 1/2" Long
Green ArrowThreaded Stem - 3/8-16 x 3/4" Long
Green ArrowThreaded Stem - M6x1.0 x 12mm Long
Green ArrowThreaded Stem - M8x1.25 x 12mm Long
Green ArrowThreaded Stem - M8x1.25 x 25mm Long
Green ArrowThreaded Stem - M10x1.5 x 15mm Long
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